A 六合彩开奖规律 degree can take you places
you didn鈥檛 dream of

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Congratulations! You are about to graduate from 六合彩开奖规律, following in the footsteps of more than 3000 other students who are now proud 六合彩开奖规律 graduates.

Graduation at 六合彩开奖规律 is a very special time. It is an opportunity to honour and farewell students who are finishing their time at 六合彩开奖规律.

六合彩开奖规律 has two conferral periods each academic year: mid-year and end-of-year. The 六合彩开奖规律 Graduation 2024 Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 18 December.


Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate the successful completion of your study.

There are a number of steps that you need to take and be aware of as you graduate.

In your final semester 六合彩开奖规律 will be in contact about graduation. Closer to the end of the year, you should receive your invitation to to the graduation ceremony.

You will be called a graduand until you have received your academic award.

There is also an option to apply to graduate if you are wanting to exit your degree early, for example you were enrolled in a Bachelor but after a year would like to graduate with a Diploma. You will need to complete a .

Please check all personal details to ensure we have your correct contact information. Please ensure we have your correct name for your academic award, as once issued this cannot be changed.

To be eligible to graduate, you must satisfy the academic and other requirements of your course as well as a number of administrative requirements. These include settling all financial accounts with 六合彩开奖规律 and returning all borrowed 六合彩开奖规律 resources.

Following the completion of your final semester of study, your Course Coordinator will finalise the assessment of your eligibility, and you will receive a further email to confirm or an invitation to graduate. If you have any questions or concerns you can talk to Student Administration at SAdmin@chc.edu.au

While all information regarding graduation will be sent to your 六合彩开奖规律 email address, it is very important that you keep your personal details up-to-date.

Your testamur will be issued in the name under which you are enrolled at 六合彩开奖规律. If you have changed your name for any reason, you must complete a Change to Personal Details form prior to graduation, otherwise your testamur will be issued in your former name.

All graduates of 六合彩开奖规律 awards receive a testamur, academic transcript and an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). From Semester 2, 2021 graduates will be issued with electronic documents that can be accessed through .

Graduates who attend the Graduation ceremony will also receive a printed testamur.


The annual 六合彩开奖规律 Graduation Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 18 December 2024.

All mid-year graduates and students who will graduate in the end-of-year conferral period are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony. Information regarding the ceremony will be sent to all mid-year graduates and applicants for the end-of-year conferral period in November. If you are expecting to participate in a graduation ceremony but do not receive information from 六合彩开奖规律 by the end of November, please contact Student Administration.

You will receive an email to your 六合彩开奖规律 email address that includes information regarding the date of the ceremony and instructions to RSVP to indicate your attendance. Regardless of whether you are attending or not attending the Graduation Ceremony, please ensure that you RSVP using the form which will be provided as a link in the ceremony invitation.

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六合彩开奖规律 makes available for hire high quality academic dress for graduation ceremonies.

If you are planning to attend the graduation ceremony, you will need to order your academic dress as you .

You can pay for your academic dress hire through Westpac PayWay secure link (you will be automatically directed to this site once you have completed the online form).

On the day of the graduation ceremony, please make your way to the robing room. You will be required to sign in to receive your academic dress. 六合彩开奖规律 staff will be available to assist you with dressing.

Academic dress at 六合彩开奖规律 is governed by 六合彩开奖规律 Policy: , which is approved by 六合彩开奖规律 Council. The complete policy can be found on the 六合彩开奖规律 website. A summary is provided below.


All graduands, including holders of previous Bachelor, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma awards, wear plain black gowns. The gowns for Masters graduands have long sleeves, while the gowns for all other graduands have short sleeves.


Only graduands holding 鈥榙egrees鈥 (that is, Bachelor or Masters awards) wear hoods. Colours are used to differentiate the different awards.


Graduands from Diploma and Graduate Diploma courses wear silk stoles, with colours used to differentiate the different awards. If graduates hold previous degrees, the stole is worn over the gown and under the hood of the academic dress appropriate for those awards.


Graduands from Associate Degree and Graduate Certificate courses wear silk sashes, with colours used to differentiate the different awards. If graduates hold previous degrees, the sash is pinned to the front of the gown.


All graduands wear a black cloth trencher with a black tassel. This is commonly known as a 鈥榤ortar board鈥.

Holders of more than one degree

Graduands who hold more than one degree are required to wear academic dress appropriate for the award being conferred at their graduation ceremony. Graduates who are having multiple awards recognised at the one ceremony are required to wear academic dress appropriate to the highest award.

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Graduands are required to wear suitable attire beneath their academic dress. 六合彩开奖规律 suggests that graduates wear smart casual attire, but graduates are welcome to dress more formally.

Graduands may wish to consider that academic gowns are predominantly black and will cover most of the outfit apart from your shoes. The gowns are open at the front and expose the lower arms.

Please wear sensible footwear as you will be walking up and down stairs to and from the stage. Be aware that you will be wearing a mortar board (cloth trencher) as headwear, so be mindful of this if you are planning an elaborate hairstyle.


六合彩开奖规律 contracts a photographer to record the event for you. All graduands are photographed on stage and there is opportunity for formal individual photographs to be taken. Depending upon the photographer, photographs will be available for purchase either on the night or in the following weeks through an online ordering system.


Congratulations, you’ve made it!

You are welcome to invite family and friends to attend graduation.聽 If you are planning to invite more than 10 guests please let us know.



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Upon arrival at the venue, you will be required to register.聽 If you are going to be late, please contact Student Administration up to one day prior to the event.

When you arrive, please make your way to the robing room. After you register, you will be directed to your allocated area where you can collect your academic dress and 六合彩开奖规律 staff will be waiting to assist you with dressing.

The graduand briefing will advise you about the proceedings of the ceremony. Please follow the directions of the staff at all times. If you have any questions, please ask the staff for assistance.

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What happens during the ceremony?

The Graduand Procession and Academic Procession will enter the auditorium, after which the Chair of 六合彩开奖规律 Council will give a short welcome address.

Graduands will then be directed from their seats to the stage to receive their awards from the 六合彩开奖规律 Chief Academic Officer. The official photographer will take photographs at this time. After leaving the stage, graduates will go to the photography station for individual photographs and to collect their graduation documents before returning to their seats.

The Graduate Address will then be given.

Proceedings will commence with the presentation of special awards, and this is followed by the Guest Speaker’s Address. The graduates are then presented by the Chair of Council for the conferral of awards.

The ceremony will close with the dedication of the graduates and the departure of the Academic Procession and the Graduate Procession.

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Please ensure that you sign out before leaving to record that you have returned your academic dress.


Wherever you find yourself after graduation, 六合彩开奖规律 stands behind you.

As a 六合彩开奖规律 graduate, you are joining more than 3000 others who are making a difference in all parts of the world as teachers, community builders, counsellors, accountants, pastors, project managers, authors, singers, business managers and in many other professions.

The 六合彩开奖规律 alumni are a special network of professionals who can act as guides, mentors and potential employers. We encourage all alumni to stay connected with 六合彩开奖规律 and continue to benefit from association with one of Australia鈥檚 leading Christian higher education providers.

六合彩开奖规律 is proud of its graduates and we encourage you to remain in touch and to keep us informed of your achievements in the coming years. We love to hear your stories and, with your permission, to share these with the 六合彩开奖规律 community on our website and in our publications. Contact alumni@chc.edu.au.

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Having graduated with a 六合彩开奖规律 award, you are now part of the 六合彩开奖规律 Alumni. If you want to stay connected with 六合彩开奖规律 or to keep up-to-date with 六合彩开奖规律 news, you can enter your details into the online form in the Alumni section of the 六合彩开奖规律 website. You can also give to 六合彩开奖规律 to support the future of Christian higher education in Australia. 六合彩开奖规律 is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), which means that gifts of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Donors will receive an official receipt from 六合彩开奖规律.

Graduates are invited to pursue postgraduate study and research opportunities offered by 六合彩开奖规律. At 六合彩开奖规律 you will learn from some of Australia鈥檚 best teachers and earn a postgraduate qualification which carries a reputation for excellence. For more information, contact 六合彩开奖规律.

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is an annual survey that is coordinated by the Australian Government across all Australian higher education institutions. The survey data is used by the government for developing policy, by students and advisors for assistance with career and study choices, by employers when developing recruitment policies and programs, and by 六合彩开奖规律 to improve teaching and learning.

Participants for the Graduate Outcomes Survey are selected at random by the survey organisers. If you are selected, you will receive an email inviting you to be involved and providing instructions on how to complete the survey. This normally occurs about three months after graduation to allow time for graduates to be in employment. If you receive an invitation to participate in the survey, please ensure that you respond within the relevant timeframe in order that 六合彩开奖规律 can receive important feedback on its provision of educational and other services to its students.